HR Outsourcing

HR outsourcing is the process of sub-contracting human resources functions to an external supplier. Reviews of business processes have led many organizations to decide that it makes business sense to sub-contract some or all non-core activities to specialist providers. Simply put, outsourcing is the process of subcontracting to a third-party. Whenever there‘s a task, operation, job or process that could be performed by employees within your company – but is instead contracted to a third party service provider that is when outsourcing occurs. If your secretary goes on maternity leave, for example, you will need to hire a temporary replacement until she is ready to go back to work. This is not a case of outsourcing. Instead, you will be outsourcing the secretarial services when you hire a virtual assistant who is working in another country. There are cases, however, when outsourcers work within your company‘s site. The only difference is that you are outsourcing when they are not there to perform the task on a full-time basis, but on a per-project term instead.

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