Frequently Asked Questions

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What time will you arrive on the day?

On the day of the clean the team will arrive no earlier than 08.00 and arrive no later than 16.00. They call an hour before they arrive on a contact number supplied on the time of booking. During the clean you don’t have to be present but must be available for the team’s arrival to allow access and supply a list in priority, also after completion to sign off work which can be organised on the day between the team and client.

How much notice is required?

We ask for as much notice as possible to avoid disappointment if requiring a specific date. Where possible we will endeavour to assist on the earliest date available for you and also with next day cleans if we have availability. Please be advised that there are many busy periods throughout the year and we will hold your required date for 24 hours. After this time if payment is not received your booking will automatically be released.

I would like to make a booking. What next?

When the date is booked with one of the sales team you will receive an order form via e-mail, this will have the details of the order, address details and contact details. The chosen date by yourself depending upon availability will be held for 24 hours. In this time payment must have been received so it can be confirmed on the schedules. Non payment in this time could mean losing the desired date or automatic cancellation.

What are man hours?

Man hours are the total amount of time the cleaning will take place working through a list supplied by the client in priority. Please ensure that enough man hours are booked for the cleaning that you wish to happen. The only cleaning not included in the man hours are professional oven clean, professional carpet clean and external windows can only be cleaned if they can be accessed from the inside. The teams all work within working height regulations. If any areas are to be accessed above this equipment will be required and charged accordingly.

Does anyone come out to visit before quoting?

Due to high levels of business we will very rarely come out and visit to offer a quote. Our sales team are well trained and experienced on data gathering over the phone to ensure the client is advised of the amount of time that is required to be booked and any equipment required. Please be advised that this does rely on accurate information and not disclosing the full extent of the situation could mean not enough time been booked. If too many man hours are booked and unused these will be refunded after the clean.

How many are in a team that will attend my book order?

We do not offer lone working and the teams work in a minimum of two though some teams are three or more. The schedules are not generated till the night before so the number of the team will not be advised upon booking but depending on how many members in the team, the man hours are divided down between them.

Do I have to be Present when the cleaners are present?

We ask that someone responsible is allocated to greet the team on arrival and hand them the list in priority to work through. If there is no one available it has to be pre agreed with the sales team on how they will gain access to the property and where the list will be. In the absence of a cleaning list the team will work through each room in the time permitted but please be advised that you may not have the jobs done that you would like done which is why we ask for the list.

Do the team require parking?

All the teams are equipped with vans and will require parking as close to the property as possible. Where applicable if parking restrictions are around the property they are visiting please ensure that suitable arrangements are made prior to their arrival and that it is communicated to the team when they call an hour before.

Do I have to present at the time of team's departure after clean is completed?

We ask that you are present 20 minutes before the booked time is completed. This can be organised with the team on arrival as to when to contact you to return to the property. At this stage the team will ask for you to check the work any issues at this point can be rectified.

Do I need to be present while the cleaning is taking place?

You do not need to be present during the clean only on arrival and when the team have completed the clean.

Do I need to supply anything on the day?

All our teams are equipped with products and equipment, we ask for hot water and electricity to be present during the duration of the clean. The team are fully insured and all equipment is PAT tested. Any external windows can be cleaned providing they can be accessed from the inside.

If I have a deep clean of the extraction ventilation system in my kitchen do I receive a certificate?

We offer a commercial kitchen extraction ventilation clean with a certification. It includes cleaning ducts, degreasing where accessible to hand level only to both entry and exit points and to provide certification TR19 method to include insurance backed Darwin Clayton Certification to HSE standards.

If I have a dis-infestation treatment can I return to property?

If you have booked and had a disinfestation treatment we only ask that you do not vacuum for up to 10 days after the treatment to ensure all eggs within the carpet are destroyed. The carpet is touch dry in around approximately 2 hours and can be walked on.

Will all marks be removed after the cleaning process?

We can not guarantee the removal of all marks but will aim to certainly remove or make the appearance look better. When cleaning mould and mildew it can depend if the spores have embedded in to the silicon or grouting and this will be dependant on how much can be removed. Marks on carpets will be spot treated but if the carpet has been treated by the client previously to the team arriving this can cause the mark not to be removed completely.

The products used are they environment friendly?

All the products are environmentally friendly that are used and also have antibacterial qualities to ensure a good and safe clean.

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