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Window cleaning is the exterior cleaning of architectural glass used for structural, lighting or decorative purposes. Windows help to increase building’s appearance. We provide both exterior and interior window cleaning services.

100% Customer Satisfaction
We ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our window cleaning service extends to all types of exteriors including glass curtain walls, structural glazing, aluminum, marble, granite or stone. 

Don’t you see the outside properly! Does your window getting dull day by day?

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 The list of advantages why you should take window cleaning services from us:

  • High rise buildingsOur teams are continuously trained in Health and Safety procedures for high level window cleaning services, and their competence is regularly tested at company level.
  • Low rise buildingsWe also clean Low-rise commercial buildings.
  • Decorative glassDecorative glasses that require extra care are given special attention by our expert cleaning teams using specialized technology where appropriate.
  • Stained glassTo clean stained glasses, we wash it with a solution of warm water and neutral-pH soap & apply it with a soft rag. And we do not use any local window cleaner on the leaded glass because these solutions usually contain ammoniawhich can cause a chemical reaction.
  • High-reach equipment: We provide a safe & speedy solution for window cleaning with high-reach equipment.
  • Trained experts: Our team is properly trained in health & security and we will never compromise with safety.
  • Certified company: Our Company is a certified company. We are truly honest towards our customers and dedicated to our services.  

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DCS Organization limited is a professional Facility Management Organization that has been serving in several local & Multi-national companies, Chain Hotels, Airlines offices, Garments, corporate offices etc. for the last six years. DCS Organization limited is supported 100% by Johnson Diversey cleaning Chemicals & treatment; we are pleased to avail the opportunity to enhance the beautifying of your area with the help of world-famous Johnson Diversey Chemical Treatment.


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