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What’s The Difference Between Regular Residential Domestic Cleaning & One-Staff Deep Domestic Cleaning!

Everyone likes to live in a clean home and due to the pace of life these days, some of us simply do not have the time to complete the daily and weekly cleaning tasks such as cleaning the bathroom, wiping all the surfaces, vacuuming the carpets, mopping the floor etc.

A regular domestic cleaner will visit your home every week or fortnight (or daily if you’re really lucky!) and keep your home clean and tidy and can even do your laundry and ironing.

Over time however, dirt and germs build up in the “forgotten” areas of your home and it’s time to book a deep, one-off deep domestic clean to restore your home to its former glory.

Take some time to really look at your home –

When was the last time you looked behind that bookcase ?

Has the washing machine ever been moved since it was originally plumbed in ?

Do you know what is actually lurking in the cupboard under the sink ?

When you pull your suitcase from the top of the wardrobe for your annual holiday do you get a dusty shower ?

Was your carpet really that colour when it was first laid or has it got a little darker ?

How often do you clean your kitchen cupboards, both inside and shelving and not just the outside?

When was the last time the oven was cleaned ?

How often do you move the washing machine, tumble dryer, or fridge and remove the dirt and grime to the side and underneath?

How often would you clean and descale your kitchen /bathroom taps & shower head?

How often would you clean the base of your toilet and around the back?

How often would you deep clean lower and higher levels

The list just goes on and on ……

Apart from having a clean and sparkling home, for health reasons alone, it is important to have a regular one-off domestic clean. Dust is made up of shed human skin, paint particles, cigarette smoke, pollen, pet dander and household chemicals. As we go about our daily business of living in our own home, we breathe in dust particles or absorb them into our skin. Dust build up can cause breathing problems and asthma, eczema and dermatitis and irritation of the eyes for example.

Mould and mildew thrives in humid and damp areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. They produce allergens, irritants and sometimes toxic substances which can cause breathing problems, skin rash, runny nose and sneezing.

If this is making you home sound like a death-trap, don’t panic ! At Nationwide UK Cleaning Ltd, we clean hundreds of homes every week and our experienced sales advisors are at hand to advise and guide you fully through the process, ensuring it is hassle-free. You can contact us on the telephone, via email and through our online chat forum.

When booking a one-off domestic clean, it is important to book enough time so that the cleaning team can get into all the nooks and crannies, behind that bookcase and washing machine and inside your cupboards.

The team will require hot water and an electricity supply from you but that’s all, they bring all the cleaning products and equipment to get the job done,

You don’t have to clear all your furniture out to have a one-off clean. The team can move furniture to access behind and underneath to ensure that all areas are cleaned thoroughly.

Most one-off domestic cleans can be completed in a day and you don’t have to have to stay in while it’s being done. Having said that, you don’t have to go out all day either, the team will work around you. After all, the clean is supposed to be helping you, not making your life more awkward!

If you have had your carpets shampooed, they will be touch dry in about 2 hours.

The powerful oven cleaner will leave your oven sparkling and ready to use immediately.

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