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We are always ready to your needs
On Call Service generally refers to assignments that are typically distributed to professionals that require their presence to resolve, correct or assist a particular situation. You can initiate our On Call Service through the emergency telephone service, our Workers are ready to go to work at any time if they are needed. All our workers are government authorized, so you can trust our service.

We provide your needs
We try to provide services according to our customers’ needs at the right time. We do not delay to give our services. If you need an immediate glass cleaning, floor cleaning, pest control service, deep cleaning or office boy service you can just call us and we will respond to you instantly. Our On Call Service team is always ready to serve you whenever you need us.We provide all the important services by getting one call.

We are expert in on call services
We value the importance of your organization. We also take pride in our affordable and unbeatable prices, so let us to help to save your money and time. Whenever you need our services we are just right there to help you.

Here’s why you can trust DCS Organization to do a better job:

·      We’re more knowledgeable – Having your maintenance staff to handle the job can result in improper cleaning that causes shrinkage, color bleeding or discoloration

·      We’re experienced in upholstery that come in all varieties of fabrics, textures and blends

·      Our experts eliminate the guesswork and select the best cleaning method


Our methods are safe for all kinds of upholstery and fabrics and can help:

·      Remove stains and spots already present

·      Reduce the effects of wear on furniture

·      Extend the life of upholstery and protect your investment

·      Eliminate persistent odors



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DCS Organization limited is a professional Facility Management Organization that has been serving in several local & Multi-national companies, Chain Hotels, Airlines offices, Garments, corporate offices etc. for the last six years. DCS Organization limited is supported 100% by Johnson Diversey cleaning Chemicals & treatment; we are pleased to avail the opportunity to enhance the beautifying of your area with the help of world-famous Johnson Diversey Chemical Treatment.


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